about EDen

What comes to mind when you hear about the Garden of Eden?  Do you think about a lush landscape and fruit trees? What about a flowing field with a multitude of flowers, colors, and animals all gleaming in the sunshine? Maybe you don't even see it as an actual physical place but a term that describes perfection.  Whatever your definition may be, the message is clear though: Paradise!  At Garden of Eden Events (GoE), your paradise is my passion.  I engage, listen, create, and execute all of my events with the same consistent and professional manner for all my clients: Personally Planned for Perfection! 

 As Founder and Owner of GoE, I live out this motto to the fullest.  After 10 years in the Special Events/Hospitality industry, it was time for my own vision to come to life.  From trade shows and corporate team-building to weddings and holiday parties, I wanted to see ever-changing event themes and designs, not ones that were constantly repeated.  In addition to that, I intended to showcase my passion and detailed expertise to the industry, and what a better way than taking the bull by the horns and jumping right in.  It was a natural progression to start my own business and name it after the "The Garden" that I found myself repeatedly saying to new people I met, "My name is Eden, like the Garden of Eden!"  It was a hard name to forget once you heard my spiel. 

 Fast-forward to today, I owe a huge thanks to the community for joining me on this exciting journey, and I hope that you'll continue to be a part of my story.  I would truly enjoy the opportunity to partner on all your corporate and social event experiences with my passion that is Personally Planned for Perfection!

Eden Friedberg, Founder & Owner